Achieve your coziest, most restful sleep ever.

How can a weighted blanket help me?

Why ours is the best

The Most Evenly Distributed Blanket

With our advanced Uniform Stitching method and the smallest pockets in the industry, our blanket will not slide around or need constant adjustment.

Achieve a restful, fulfilling sleep every time.

Never Get Too Hot/Cold

Our 100% breathable cotton is for use year-round so you never get too hot or cold.

Size Matters

Our adult-sized blankets (16lb, 20lb, 25lb) fit Queen-sized bed tops (60"x80") and our smaller sizes (12lb, 7lb, 5lb) blankets generously cover your body.

Enjoy the Cozy Blanket anywhere.

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Published Science

Weighted Blankets have been used in the health and medical community for over a decade and recent research has undeniably shown positive effects.

Through the power of deep touch pressure stimulation (DPTS), clinical studies have shown a significant increase in sleep time and significant decrease in tossing and turning when using a weighted blanket.*

The American College Health Association last year found that 62% of all college undergraduates feel an "overwhelming anxiety" throughout the school year.** Our society is rapidly changing to a more connected, 24/7 daily hustle, which causes chronic anxiety and stress, no matter what your age. Let our Cozy Blanket be your deep, restful comfort you need in order to recharge and be productive everyday.

*Ackerley R, Badre G, and Olausson H. "Positive Effects of a Weighted Blanket on Insomnia." Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders

** ACHA-NCHA II. "Executive Summary Fall 2016." American College Health Association

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Customize your Blanket Weight

Based off of scientific trials, weighted blankets should be around 10% of your body weight. We would recommend to choose that weight unless you prefer a lighter or heavier feel.

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