What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket harnesses the power of deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS) to naturally increase melatonin and serotonin levels while reducing chronic cortisol stress hormones. The blanket is constructed using uniform weight pockets filled with our proprietary silica blend to provide evenly-distributed weight all throughout. Many people say that it's like having a warm hug around your entire body.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

The typical benchmark is 10% but it is not ironclad and can vary depending on your personal preference.

Is your blanket machine washable?

Yes, the outer shell is removable from the inner layer for easy, safe washing. Imagine washing an entire 20 pound blanket in your washing machine! However, we recommend that only the outer shell be washed regularly.

Can this fit a Queen-sized bed? How about the other sizes?

Yes, we designed our adult-sized blankets (16 lb and up) to be 60"x80", perfectly covering an entire Queen mattress top. Our teen-sized blankets (12 lb) are 48"x78", covering all of a Twin mattress and most of a Full mattress. Our children-sized blankets (5 and 7 lb) are 41"x56", covering all or most of a child's body.

We specifically designed each weight class by generously providing size coverage while also keeping in mind each one's needs.

But wouldn't I get overheated with a weighted blanket?

Our weighted blanket was designed with you in mind, with a 100% Clima-cool cotton side that is soft but cool to the touch, and a minky warm microfiber side that can keep you toasty throughout the winter. Most other blankets either provide one or the other but not both.

Can I share a weighted blanket on the same bed with my loved one?

You sure can, but do keep in mind that you would not get the full deep pressure stimulation. We would suggest to purchase 2 so each person can experience the full range of benefits.

What fabrics are used?

The inner layer is 100% breathable cotton. The outer shell is a minky warm polyester microfiber on one side and 100% Clima-cool cotton on the other side so you can use the blanket any day of the year.

What makes the blanket heavy?

We studied and tested many types of weighted materials, including the usual poly-pellets that most of the industry uses. But it wasn't comfortable when using because you could feel the plastic beads on top of you. So we formulated our own proprietary silica blend that promotes evenly-distributed weight without the pellet feel.

Can I use a weighted blanket on my baby?

You should NOT use a weighted blanket on your infant. Only provide a weighted blanket to children who are not bothered by the weight.

Where is the scientific studies backing up the benefits?

Please see our Science section for a breakdown of each study and a link to each individual one.