NEW EDITION Weighted Blanket Smaller Size

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  • "IT'S LIKE A WARM HUG AND A CUP OF COFFEE!" ✓ Scientifically studied to improve restful sleep quality, reduce stress & anxiety and increase attention span & productivity
  • THE BEST EVENLY DISTRIBUTED WEIGHT GUARANTEED ✓ Our advanced uniform stitching method and the smallest pockets in the industry will not annoyingly slide around or need constant adjustment
  • ENGINEERED WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY FABRICS ✓ 100% Clima-cool cotton side allows for comfortable use during winter or summer
  • SIZE MATTERS ✓ Our adult-sized blankets perfectly lay on queen-sized beds and our smaller blankets generously cover the entire body - Choose 10% of your body weight + or - depending on individual preference
  • ACHIEVE YOUR MOST RESTFUL SLEEP EVER ✓ Our weighted blankets reduce your stress, anxiety and improves restful sleep using the power of Deep Pressure Stimulation! – For info on studies and more, please visit us at


Overstimulation of our brains contribute to an alarming trend of increased insomnia and anxiety throughout society. Weighted blankets have been scientifically and medically studied to promote better rest by naturally increasing your melatonin and serotonin levels while reducing your chronic cortisol stress hormones. By reducing your stress, anxiety and improving your quality of sleep, you can be more attentive and productive throughout your busy days.

1.) Reduce Stress and Anxiety - Naturally increase your body's relaxation chemicals through the power of deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS).

2.) Premium Fabrics - 100% Clima-cool cotton allows for comfortable use all year round.

3.) True Even Weight Distribution - Our blankets are engineered with our proprietary silica blend inside the smallest weight pockets in the industry - no more plastic bead feel!

4.) Designed to Fit your Life - Adult and teen-sized blankets perfectly fit on a Queen-sized mattress (60"x80") and our smaller sizes (41"x56") generously cover your body.

5.) Choosing Your Blanket Weight - General guidelines suggest about 10% of your body weight plus or minus a pound depending on personal preference.

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